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Sezuire Warning


Press the right and left arrow keys to change the menu options.

This is the full Deltarune Frisk Battle.
Frisk tries to stop "you" from destroying another timeline 
and their family and friends.

Remeber even if your choices matter, the future sometimes is beyond you choice
if someone else also has the will to choose.

Thank you and please support me.

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hi Fantasy ruin X i have a little problem 

after i extract all then i try to open the application nothing happen and i extract all again but still i try to open it nothing happen :/

Hi I download the game and it worked for me so maybe it's your windows version what version do you have I have windows 10

windows 7 ultimate

Hi sorry but I don't know why it's not working I made that game when i also had windows 7 did you maybe get a error message when you tried to open it?

(1 edit)

no error message it just not running

after i try open it load but nothing happen the game not running

(1 edit)

Hi sorry but I don't know what's wrong then I'm sorry I couldn't help but I can give you a .exe version of it if you want it

its very hard!

(1 edit)

so i downloaded game but when i tried to launch to launch it i got some kind of error and idk what to do about it  i have a 64 bit windows 7

Hi sorry but I don't know what to do about it. Did you try to extract the file again?

I didnt I'll try it

It worked thanks for help dude

No problem! :)


we are fighting Frisk/ hara as Kris...

and we are playing as Kris...

but what if we played as Frisk/Chara

Hi sorry but I'm not going to make a new project until I finish the ones I'm working on because I mostly have demos on my account and not many completed games


I was literally an hour using 16 red blasts trying to find a secret ending and after the number 17 (the one in the video) frisk became inmortal....

Can we please have a secret ending? at least I enjoyed trying to survive by healing as less as posible while gaining TP for red blast

don't take me wrong, I love this game

Hi sorry but there is no secret ending in this fan game and you are not able to kill frisk it's a scripted battle

the game crashes just when i open the game help my pc is windows 7 32 bits but i want to know how to fix

Hi sorry I think you need to have a windows 7 64 bit because i also have windows 7 but mine is 64 bit

cant you make it for 32 bits pc?

Sorry no I don't have that option on my gamemaker

and hy with others yes?

I'm sorry but gamemaker gives you options with what operating system to make the game for I only have a Windows option but I do not have a 32 bit version of it to test it with

song https://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm30426651 for genocide chara route

umm whats the chara song called

Hi the song Battle in CHAOS is here

What's the OTHER fight song called? The one you play on 2nd form of Genocide. You can hear it on 7:13 but I can't find it in the files.

Hi I found the song on Renox's NicoNico account heres a link to it


Your game was very fun and a pretty hard battle! Keep up the good work!

Thank you very much!!!!

Can you please send me link to the music that you used in this game?

Hi the song Battle in CHAOS is here


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im having trouble opening the game i dont know what to do after downloading EDIT: do i need to extract and how to

Hi! Once you  downloaded it you then need to right click then press the option extract!

(4 edits)

For some reasons, I wanna ask you to implement X key on the overworld text box, which skips typing (differ from C key). It's like this:UndertaleModTool :P

Also, please support Enter key (behavior same as Z key), because when i'm playing UNDERTALE I always use Enter key instead of Z key.

Edit: Control (ctrl) key => C key too, i guess

Hi I added a custom control setting in the menu to the other games that i'm working on

Would it be possible for a Linux port or a browser version? Because that would be the only way to play this because I have a Chromebook and I CAN run Linux apps and browser games on it and I'm not willing to try to set up wine or a virtual machine because I just don't have the time. But I don't know how possible that would be to do.

Hi I'm sorry but I can't do it i only have a Windows target option in my gamemaker

(2 edits)

For some reasons I have binary of the GameMaker:Studio runner for Linux, however i dont know how to share. With it you can play this game.

EDIT: i cant make a HTML5 version of this game though

Amazing game! Wanna kindly ask, can I translate this game to Chinese as a hobby project? Note I‘ll use a mod tool, and won't embed the CN translate to the original game / publish the translation on itch dot io.

Hi yes you can! That sounds like a great idea!

Well, while modding I notice a few oddities, Determination Sans in 10px size is still smooth, however Zpix in 10px looks choppy. However, when I test under GameMaker:Studio, Zpix in 12px looks OK. Could you try a bigger game size (320x240 or 640x480) maybe next fangame please?

do you mean the window of the game?

yes (late reply)

the fact i beat this game and memorize its attacks is sad, why?
i cant handle the other bosses because of it qwq

Hi sorry but I don't really understand what you mean

i think he mean he beat the game, later because he always memorize this sad battle he cant handle any other bosses.

Oh thank you for telling me!

Amazing game and that music is so great!!! Can you please release this soundtrack?

Thank you! But I didn't make the music it was made by Renox here is a link to the channel

i made an account just so i could type this comment.

i wanna say that this game is amazing! i'm in LOVE with the music! it's so good and well made!

could you please release a soundtrack for the game anytime soon?

Yeah!! The music is just AWESOME!!

Hi Thank you for commenting but I didn't make the music it was made by Renox here is a link to the channel

Hi Thank you so much for commenting! But I didn't make the music it was made by Renox here is a link to the channel

Thanks 😄

You are making very cool games. Not so hard but not so easy. Good job! (sorry,bad english)

Thank you for the comment!! I will work more on my grammar and spelling!

(1 edit)

I really liked this! the only thing I hate is the fact that I couldn't see if there was any checkpoints... (ALSO I NEED A MEMORYRUNE AU AND A GAMERUNE AU NOW)

Thank you very much!!!! And their isn't any checkpoints in the game it's only a battle and I'll do my best in the Memoryrune and Gamerune AU!

(1 edit)

agree, should have checkpoints, or the battle will be hard to beat (i love s/l)

Made an account to comment, Really liked this and a lot of what was in this game. I think the grammar could have been further checked and maybe more visible hitboxes for some of the projectiles, namely the determination sparks.

If you're looking to make another game similar to this one, contact me if you're interested in having a sprite artist. I would like to work on something like this.

Hi thank you so much and thank you for the advice and thank you for the offer I'm making a Deltarune Escaped Chasm fan game now I'm almost done with the demo version on it you can check my Twitter to see you want to help in it @FantasyRuinX

how to get a pacifist ending?

Hi! You have to only spare Frisk and never attack them

But will the spare counter break when I use the Heal spell or something similar?

Hi no only if you attack frisk or use red blast

This is the best Deltarune fangame ever!

Thank you very much!😁

No problem!

Whats the music name when you fighting with Chara?

Hi the first song is (Battle in CHAOS) and the second song is (Heartache) both by Renox you can find the channel on niconico

In the opening menu if you press the right button you can see the credits

it's HEARTACHE (yes full caps)