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Sezuire Warning


In this fan game you are in the void and must find a way out but Gaster blocks your way.
This game has multiple endings, will you lose and let Gaster take your soul or will you win and leave Gaster in the void forever?
Thank you and enjoy the game

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Suggestion for your new one Make that you can play as Gaster after you beat him in pacifist

pretty easy but still a very well made game ^^!!!

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I have some suggestions and grammar improvements.

This should'nt be happening -

This shouldn't be happening

The dog is playing the marucus -

The dog is playing the maracas

Now that your here -

Now that you're here

ok now for the suggestions

For the music deltarune gaster has a different theme called another him

you don't have to use this but heres a remix i think it fits him well

also i don't know anything about coding and i don't know if you can put gifs into it but this would be cool as like a background during the fight idk

so yeah!!

i really liked your fight btw. i think gaster in deltarune deserves more attention

Thank you very much! But I am not going to make a update to this gaster battle but I am planning on making a new one so thank you very much for the suggestions!

of course!

Umm, am i dumb? I i downloaded it and idk how to play it '-'.

Hi I'm sorry but I don't really know what you mean by it?

Do the souls change the game in any way. If so how.

Hi the souls only change what the dog will do when you use resonate and it also changes what gaster says when he analyzes the soul but only with nothing,fear and hate soul traits

And i LOved playing this

Thank you!!!!😆


so does your game corrpt when you kill gaster?


Sorry no it doesn't corrupt when you kill gaster

It's a little harder! I beat it.

Fantasy, I loved playing this!

Thank you very much!!!!😁


Hey, congrats, your game got featured in a Merg video!


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Hi! I saw the video but thank you very much for telling me!

Is it possible to survive the last attack of gaster as the red soul? Like the one with the DT extractor that sets you to 1 HP. Is there anything after that, or did you make it so that people can just get to the soul picking

Nvm i beat it


Great game! The only thing I noticed that is wrong is the pink fear soul. A real fear soul is dark orange.

Hi Thank you for telling me! So the pink soul need to be a little more darker then?

The fear soul should look like this:

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Hi thank you for telling me :)

What do you need to do to reach the end?

You need to out last gaster